Starting a journey to becoming a blogger...

Starting a journey to becoming a blogger...

"When blogging first became popular, many thought that it was just a passing trend. But it has stuck around – and more than that, only strengthened over time. A blog entry isn’t just a block of text, but a slice of humanity and an opportunity to begin a real conversation." ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

Not only is Gary Vaynerchuk correct in the above but blogging for me is so much more. Starting this journey is something I have chosen because of 4 things:

  1. Demonstrate my skills and knowledge
  2. Give back to the community
  3. Improve my marketability
  4. Serve my future self (I really wish I could add additional 💾 to my 🧠 )

Starting a blog always made me feel anxious until I attended Michaela Greiler's bootcamp session at the #HashnodeBootcamp and realised, all the reasons I want to start a blog do not require 1000's of readers. This has really taken the pressure off me and my anxiousness has changed to excitement to start this journey.

Note: I have had a personal blog in the hay days of and have written one post with Offerzen on their blog. Working with them on just that single post taught me so many skills on how to write a full featured blogpost. Link below if you would like to see that post...
How Pioneering an IT User Group at Work Has Benefited My Career

Here are the steps I took to start my blog:

  1. Register on Hashnode
  2. Linked up my domain
  3. Linked it to my website
  4. Attended the #HashnodeBootcamp

Here are some goals I am setting up for myself upfront:

  • In one months time I would like to have 3 blog posts on this platform
  • Every month I would like to put out a blogpost a week.
  • In a years time I would like to reflect back on this journey and see how much my writing skill's have improved.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and hope you found some value in it or inspiration to start your own blog.

Share your first article in the comments below along with some of your goals 😉✌️.