#100DaysOfCode: Python Day 7

#100DaysOfCode: Python Day 7

Using everything I have learned to create a hangman game!


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#100DaysOfCode Day 7

๐Ÿšน I CREATED MY OWN HANGMAN GAME (Developer Edition)! ๐Ÿšน
CLICK HERE and press "Run" to try it out.

Yesterday was awesome and challenging. I had to map out the decisions to make a hangman game on draw.io and then write the code. The course was super helpful as it provided the ascii art to make my game a lot more visual.


  1. Sketching out complex programming flows on draw.io makes writing the code a lot easier.


Whoops, there is no code. It all runs on love โค๏ธ and fresh air ๐ŸŒฌ...
Kidding, its all in the link at the start of the post. While you are there, play a game of hangman for developers!

I had a lot of fun today and the lesson was under an hour so I squeezed it in after work.

Boy, oh boy, having the evening free was a delight!