#100DaysOfCode: Python Day 20

#100DaysOfCode: Python Day 20

Building Snake (Part 1)

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Rishal Vallabh
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#100DaysOfCode Day 20

CLICK HERE and press "Run" to try it out.
Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 16.39.27.png

Yesterday I created the start of my snake game, and I am so excited to complete it today because if you had an old Nokia cellphone, you know how much fun Snake is!


  1. Always break down the problem at hand.
  2. Animating shapes get a little complicated at first. I guess practice makes perfect.

Breaking down how to build Snake

  1. Create the snake body
  2. Move the Snake
  3. Control the Snake
  4. Detect collision with food
  5. Create a scoreboard
  6. When should the game end
    6.1. Snake collides with the wall
    6.2. Snake collides with its tail

I had loads of fun, and stay tuned for tomorrow to try the game.

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