#100DaysOfCode: Python Day 14

#100DaysOfCode: Python Day 14

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#100DaysOfCode Day 14

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Yesterday I wrote my final game hosted on Replit. At least, that is what the course implied. Fear not, I will find ways to share my new games and projects with you, be it a video demo, self-hosted or a download. I also documented my thought process as to how I solve complex problems and share it with you.

How to solve large problems and beat intimidation!

  1. Break down the large problem into smaller problems. This way, you can tackle them one by one, and it won't be so intimidating
  2. Look at those smaller problems and make a todo list
  3. Given the items on the todo list, you going to pick the item that is the easiest to begin
  4. Take the small problem and break it down into comments in your code
  5. Write code --> Run Code --> Fix code --> repeat until it is working as expected
  6. On to the next task on the todo list

I have enjoyed going through the fundamentals of programming and experiencing how it's taught to juniors. As an experienced programmer, sometimes we lose touch on how to communicate the basics and cannot relate to our junior peers. Going back to basics ever so often can help you become a humble programmer!

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